We are an association focused on providing Manitoba claims case managers with exciting education and networking opportunities.

Upcoming networking and education opportunites.

The Claims Association of Manitoba is proud to present speakers and events for 2017! Please mark your calendars so you don't miss these informative and fun events!

2017 Events

  2017 Line-up

March 16, 2017: Logan Quatember

Logan's Miracle- The story of a survivor

In early 2015 a serious car accident left Logan in a coma for 12 days.  He had to relearn everythng, including sitting, standing, walking and even his speech.  Logan will explain all the steps that were involved in his road to recovry, including the many caregivers that helped him along the way.


May 11, 2017: Dr. Kim Minish

Modern Marijuana- Not your granny's weed (1  credit hour NIDMAR)

A presentation on the facts of modern marijuana, its mechanism of action, patterns and prevalence of use, as well as a dicussion of potential negative consequences of its consumption.


September 14, 2017: Graham nattress & tessa gilmore

 A Review of the Litigation Process (1 credit hour NIDMAR)

Join Graham  nd Tessa as they go over the litigation process, provide helpful pre-litigation suggestions and give us an update on recent court decisions.


November 16, 2017: Pat hirst

Working Together: Creating a Perfect World (1 credit hour NIDMAR)

We don't live in a perfect world but each of us has a chance in our lifetime to create our own perfect world personally & professionally.  In this engaging and thought provoking session, Pat will explain the keys for creating the relationships and outcomes you want in your life.



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